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Body Language That Makes A Difference: TED Talks

For lawyers who sometimes feel nervous about presentations or client meetings there’s good news today. Scientists have finally proven that body language really makes a difference — not only impacting how others view you — but how you feel about yourself.

Watch this TED Talk by Professor Amy Cuddy, starting at 10:25.


Did that pose with the hands behind the head and feet up on the desk look familiar in your law firm?

My favorite take-away from Dr. Cuddy’s research is this: two minutes of “standing like a starfish” will up your confidence immediately. Sounds a little crazy, but it’s certainly easy to try for yourself!


01 2013

Helping Lawyers to Get to the Point — And Keep It Short

I have worked with well over a thousand lawyers on public speaking and presentations — and hands down the most common mistake lawyers make is they just can’t get to the point!

Many lawyers have a hard time being concise.  Whether lawyers are giving speeches or making presentations, their inability to be direct is hurting their ability to communicate clearly and to keep the attention of the audience.

So what’s the answer?

4 Steps to Get To the Point for Lawyers

These steps will help lawyers — or any professional — make any speech or presentation more direct and engaging for any audience.

  1. What 0ne thing is your audience absolutely interested in?
  2. What detail can you give that makes that one thing visual, alive, relevant?
  3. What is the impact of that one thing on your audience? Why should they care about it?
  4. Talk about the impact of the one thing in the first 2 minutes of your speech or presentation. Really.


If you’ll apply these steps during your planning and delivery of speeches, formal presentations and even short updates, you will find that your audience is more interested in what you say — and they will have better understanding of your topic too.


04 2012

Tool: Add Data to Slides Beautifully with


Check out for a great tool to add word clouds to PowerPoint, websites or reports.

This word cloud represents the words found here on my blog.

Take a screen shot of the wordle you create, then you can edit and save it as an image.


08 2011

TED Talks Can Teach Lawyers to Get to the Point

Would you believe  a 20 minute speech could have real impact on the world?  On your world? Read on.

Now if you’re a lawyer, or you work with lawyers or other professionals, you may think 20 minutes is not long enough to make your point and have impact.

Watch this video to see how Dr. Patricia Kuhl quickly teaches the neuroscience behind how babies learn language.  She uses images, simple graphs, video and non-scientific language. Continue reading “TED Talks Can Teach Lawyers to Get to the Point” »


03 2011

VIDEO: Why Lawyers Don’t Get Business Through Speeches

When you give speeches to develop business, are you doing the ONE thing that is crucial to turning that speech into a business development opportunity?

Most lawyers don’t take this one simple step that lets them create relationships that can turn into business.

Watch my latest video tip – and see if you pass the test!

Take a look at my business development workshops for lawyers including Let’s Do Lunch!


03 2011

Tips: Better Lawyer Training via Video Conference

Training lawyers (or anyone)  by video conference is challenging at best.  Here are 4 things you can do to make any video conference training  for lawyers or clients more engaging and more effective: Continue reading “Tips: Better Lawyer Training via Video Conference” »


01 2011

How Powerful Women Lawyers Communicate workshop — Leadership Institute for Women of Color Attorneys

On March 18, 2010 I spoke at the Leadership Institute for Women of Color Attorneys in Law & Business Conference  in Atlanta.  My topic was “Grabbing Them at Hello: How Powerful Women Lawyers Communicate.”

With about 100 women lawyers in attendance, we discussed:

• Learn how to use your innate strengths to connect and make your point. We all know that we are most powerful when we are authentic. Continue reading “How Powerful Women Lawyers Communicate workshop — Leadership Institute for Women of Color Attorneys” »


03 2010